I was on my new trapeze for the first time today! It is the nicest Trapeze I’ve ever worked on. Even those ankle hangs are “butter”!
Wow! I’ll be back!


Just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know we got the apparatus you built for us. And it’s just what we were looking for! I’m working on the tweeks to figure out how to make the hoops more collision-friendly, but overall we got what we needed. We just had our first rehearsal with them and they have already opened up a lot of new possibilities for our piece. So thanks again. You have been very professional and cooperative in helping me turn my idea into a physical structure. Wishing you all the best,


Thank you ever so much. I loved the lyras you made that I learned on at Aerial Arts of Utah so very much that I decided to order one just like the double tab, that I adore, with the same specs, only in stainless steel since it’s so much more damp here in Washington state. The lyras Spitfire made for one of our instructors, who so graciously shares them with others at AAU, are so impressively crafted that I feel you are the only person I would trust to breath life into such beautiful works of art. Thank you for accepting my first order. I very much look forward to its arrival.

Marjee Clark

Just wanted to say a quick “Thank You!” for the lyra you crafted! The bare metal is beautiful in its own right (one friend commented that it looks like pewter rolled in sparkles — lol), but also I’ve had some time to play on it (and share it with some fellow aerialists) and it feels absolutely fabulous; we *could* tape it, but the quality of your work is such that tape is completely optional — so lovely is the apparatus itself! You do wonderful work, Christina. We’ll be sure to contact you first for any future apparatus needs.


My hoop arrived today just as you said it would. It’s perfect! I’ll be sure to send you a copy of my video.

Kieu Le

I received the hoop today. The hoop looks great, thank you. I like the black ropes too, although the rubber makes it really thick at the splicing…but if that keep it together longer, than I’ll be happy. I will be rigging it this weekend. Thank you for everything. I appreciate it and will send people your way.

Rachel Stegman

Owner/Aerial Instructor, Circus School of Arizona, LLC

I got my Lyra yesterday. It is beautiful, thank you!! It came just in time for my lesson yesterday afternoon. My instructor was happy, and everyone at the studio loved it!
Thank you again! If I explore other apparatuses, I’ll be sure to order from you!
Take care,


The lyra arrived this afternoon just in time for me to tape it up and bring it to practice. It is PERFECT – lovely to look at and so much better to have the extra inch width. And with the 3/4 inch tube there is so much more “bite” . Toe hang and neck hang feel really secure now.
I love it, thank you so much for doing such a good custom job and getting it to me so quickly.

Elizabeth Griffith

I have performed so much on my curved trapeze! and i love the apparatus. i was hoping to work with you again on another one.

David James

Thanks so much for your detailed reply to my email! I just placed an order for a lyra through your website, and I’m definitely excited to see your work in person. Everything that I’ve read and seen about your company has been outstanding.


I just received my trapeze- and it is gorgeous. It looks like an excellent piece of equipment! I can’t wait to try it out. Thank you so much for making these for me. I will definitely be passing your name on to anyone I meet who needs quality aerial equipment! Have a wonderful summer!