Philosophy & Terms and Conditions


We build and sell quality aerial equipment. We make all apparatus here in the USA, at our Forge with our creative hands.  We work hard to satisfy all the custom specifications for your apparatus and build each piece to order. We are not available for online instruction regarding what apparatus may suit your needs, or how to rig your equipment. Spitfire Aerial Equipment.Inc offers rigging hardware and aerial products made to industry standards. Our patrons share our love of the aerial arts and have done the research needed to order the correct apparatus to full fill their artistic goals. Please take time to research your aerial needs before you place an order with Spitfire Aerial Equipment.Inc. There are no returns on cut length silks, and no returns on custom made apparatus. We take the building of aerial equipment and your safety very seriously and enjoy helping aerialists, both professional and novices with their new apparatus. Due to that ALL aerial equipment is built to your unique specifications Spitfire Aerial Equipment has a very strict “no returns” and “no refund” policy, see below for details. Like an old world business, we value the relationship between the aerial arts patron and the aerial arts builder, and are looking forward to helping you with your artistic vision!

All the equipment provided by SpitfireAerialEquipment.Inc and is designed specifically for professional performers only. Some items can be dangerous if not used in the correct fashion, and some skills such as climbing fabric is dangerous even when done correctly. Proper training is necessary for your safety, and training by a physical person is highly recommended. Training books and videos may supplement training but are not meant to be a substitute for live training by a qualified person. While practicing any aerial art, it is recommended that you do so in the presence of a trained professional who can spot you and watch how you wrap for movements. It is also recommended that you practice at all times over crash pads. The equipment sold on this site does not include any instructions as to how to rig the hardware and apparatus. Only the hardware and apparatus are sold, along with instructions on how to assemble the hardware, not how to install rigging equipment. Spitfire Aerial Equipment.Inc and/or has no role in examining the proposed location or configuration of your rigging or the precise ways in which you will use it. All rigging needs are specific to the individual and it is your responsibility to find a qualified rigger to assist in the installation your apparatuses at your place of use. It is vital to your safety that this person be fully aware of prescribed industry methods and standards for assembling load-bearing equipment. Due to the nature of the equipment, Spitfire Aerial Equipment.Inc and/or and all persons associated herein, accept no responsibility or liability for any injury, accident or death caused by any of its products whether directly or indirectly. It is the responsibility of the individual to take the necessary precautions and to minimize the danger. Use at your own risk. Purchase of the equipment provided states that you fully accept these terms and conditions and that you are accepting full and unconditional responsibility for any consequences caused. All sales on aerial equipment are final, as they are custom built for you, to your specifications. There are no returns on custom built aerial equipment. Once Aerial Silks have been cut to your specified lengths, they are non-refundable. Minimum working length of aerial silks is 9 yards. By purchasing products from and/or you accept full and unconditional responsibility for the goods supplied and any consequences caused. Thank you.