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Spitfire Trapeze


1 Inch Diameter steel bar with machined thimbles to fit 1 Inch black nylon rope with spliced ends. Rope length is 8 Feet or custom length. Sleeves are made of soft Red or Black leather with black lacing. Top splice of Black Nylon rope has thimbles. Specify if you want end tabs and specify length of bar between ropes. End tabs are 4 Inches. You may also specify if you want the USR Steel carabiners attached to the rope thimbles, ready to hang. Recommended.


Custom Specifications

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Product Description

The Spitfire trapeze is a beautifully constructed apparatus. Each trapeze is unique and is custom fabricated to your specifications.

The bar is made of one inch diameter cold-rolled steel, and the custom made thimbles are welded to the bar. If a trapeze is ordered with ends, the thimble is inset to leave a four inch end for a good grip with hands or feet. Once all the welding and primary fabrication is done, the trapeze is color coated to protect the steel.

At that point the trapeze moves from the metal shop into the studio for the remaining construction. The thimbles are sanded smooth and taped to accept the rope.

We use one inch black three strand Nylon rope sourced specially for Spitfire Aerial Equipment. The 3-Strand Nylon Twist consists of three equally sized strands twisted together to produce a very fine, durable rope. It handles easily wet or dry, knots and splices easily and provides the highest elasticity of any rope. It can feel slippery at first, but with use and especially use with rosin, it breaks in perfectly.

Once the rope has been spliced and threaded onto the trapeze, the rope splice is carefully padded with extra loft batting, and tightly taped. The padding will never bunch or lump.

Now the trapeze is ready for its cover or its “socks”. We offer socks in two colors, the original Spitfire Red, or Black. We use the softest durable leather, custom sewn to hug the rope at the top. The socks are snuggly draped over the padding and stitched together under the trapeze with strong black leather lacing. This is where no two trapezes are alike, as the stitching is custom to the shape of the sock and padding.

The rope is then spliced at the top, accommodating any rope length you may need. The top splices are integrated with Delrin thimbles. If you order the Ready To Hang option, we add the oversized carabiners over the thimbles and rope. You will need oversized carabiners to fit over the rope/thimble assembly or you may order the Nylon Webbing to interface with your rigging. Finally the trapeze bar is wrapped in two layers of black cotton athletic tape, giving it good grip and a soft working surface. Et Voila, it’s ready to ship out to you!

The standard fabrication time for a custom trapeze is about 2-3 weeks. A single 22 inch trapeze bar with 8 Foot ropes weighs around 15 lbs.

A trapeze is like a pair of shoes, it will break in with use and wear with time. With love and attention it will last a long time. If it needs to be repaired, please let me know and I will address each trapeze on a case by case basis.

Additional Information

Trapeze type

Single Bar, Double Bar

Trapeze Socks

Red Leather, Black Leather, No Leather

End Tabs

With End Tabs, No End Tabs

Rope Length

6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft

Add Carabiner

yes add two Carbiners, No Carabiners


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